Our wellness offer adds a piece to the mosaic of body and mind strengthening.


It includes:

  • whirlpool
  • Finnish sauna
  • massage studio
  • deckchairs for resting
  • yoga or pilates corner (with a mat, a ball and a bolster)
  • cosmetic studio, where among other services we also offer body peeling, aromatherapy and facial care treatment with a renown cosmetics Afrodita
  • relaxational summer terrace with deckchairs.

The pension guests can use a bathrobe to enter the wellness facilities in a more comfortable way.


Wellness services

 Price per person
Wellness center rental-2 hours (outside guests) (50% discount for children aged under 12) 25,00 €/person
Wellness center rental-2 hours (the pension guests) (50% discount for children aged under 12)15,00 €/person
Relaxing body massage (50 min) 45,00 €
Relaxing back massage (30 min) 30,00 €
Face treatment (surface-60 min) 50,00 €
The whole body peeling (30 min)    30,00 €
Aromatherapy (75 min)  65,00 €

Special warning: Guests are asked to warn us in case of pregnancy and other health problems.

The price list is valid from 1.1.2021.
All prices include 22% VAT.

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