The Na Razpotju pension is situated in the heart of the Logar Valley. A wide range of sports, recreational, learning, cultural and other activities as well as adventures will help you discover the beauties of the Logar Valley.

Sports and adventures

The Logar Valley provides a wide range of opportunities for:

  • hiking
  • canyoning
  • water experiences (kayak, raft)
  • Nordic walking
  • climbing
  • mountaineering
  • cycling
  • hunting
  • fishing
  • rollerblading
  • volleyball
  • archery and numerous other sports activities.

In favourable winter conditions there are groomed cross-country ski trails as well as trails for day and night sledding in the vicinity of the Na Razpotju pension. About a kilometre away from the pension there is also a small ski slope, occasionally operating. Besides that the Logar Valley offers a lot of opportunities for ski touring, winter mountain climbing and ice climbing.

Nordic walking

Tours around the Logar Valley area

The unique Logar Valley with its unspoiled nature is a real paradise for the realization of bigger and smaller hiking goals.


Just a few tips:

  • A family trip to Robanov kot
  • A hike to the Klemenča jama
  • A hike to Okrešelj
  • A family trip to Travnik
  • Shepherd’s path along Dleskovska plateau
  • Exploring the Raduha mountain paths
  • Climbing the Rogatec mountain (1550 m)
  • The Turska gora mountain (2251 m)
View from Olševa mountain

Events in the Logar Valley and in Solčavsko region

A few more tips…
A few more tips for encouraging the curiosity and the exploration spirit in the Logar Valley:

  • seeing the sights along the Ethnographic trail through the Logar Valley (the spring of the Črna, majestic boulders, the woodcutter’s hut, the charcoal-burner’s hut, hunting stands and the giant juniper),
  • seeing the Palenk and Rinka Waterfalls,
  • seeing the Marija Snežna church (the church of Our Lady of the Snows),
  • walking to the oldest yew in Slovenia,
  • seeing the sights along the Solčava Panorama road,
  • Center Rinka- multipurpose centre for sustainable development of the Solčavsko region with a permanent exhibition (“Solčavsko-A Walk into the Lap of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps”), the multimedia presentation (“ Harmony of the Three Regions”) and the sales of home-made local products,
  • visiting ecological farms,
  • seeing the permanent exhibition about Potočka zijalka (the Ice-Age man’s shelter on Olšava) at the Firšt Guesthouse,
  • and much more.